The Story of Arata Leaf

Edyta and Paul own an organic tea business based near the Mournes. Here's their story, as told by Edyta.

When living and studying in Krakow, I'd indulged in life spread across libraries, galleries, cafes and tea rooms, somewhere in between where flavoursome tea was served next to a good book and a basement gig. Being introduced to a variety of looseleaf teas sacredly held in distinguished jars with sophisticated labels opened the door to new tastes. Back then, it reminded me more of the practice of ancient medics than the most common leaves of camellia sinensis - this was when the new world of teas was discovered. I truly became a consumer.

Paul on the other hand, after obtaining a degree in neuroscience and learning to practise acupuncture, was more akin to the exquisite, authentic and healing properties of teas. We met in Belfast once Paul returned to NI after living in Korea and Bali, where he learned more about this powerful yet often compromised drink. 

Our joint passion for organic and eco-loving was always strongly pronounced in our life choices. We soon settled in a country cottage close to the Mourne Mountains, compromising easy access to Belfast life. Instead, we chose to indulge in the life of morning beach walks and endless hikes.

Over the years, admittedly, minimal access to authentic teas didn’t cause any sleepless nights - we both focused on our professional careers and travel adventures. During many journeys we had exciting opportunities to enjoy delightful teas in tea rooms where the very beverage presented itself in a respectful, ritual-like way. Something that wasn’t as easily achievable in NI.

After living on the island for a couple of years, and despite the cleanliness of the Irish air, I started dealing with multiple allergies, some of them ongoing while others presented themselves new and in full abundance. Back then there weren’t any local tea businesses that offered organic products, let alone compostable packaging or a zero-waste mission.

Longing for the sophisticated taste of loose-leaf teas and herbal blends without GMO or harsh chemicals, we concluded that the most sensible way would be to reach to the source, initially for our own use and later on to share the joy of drinking tea with others - that’s how Arata Leaf was born.

Nowadays, Arata Leaf offers a selection of teas sourced from South Africa, China, India and European countries where herbal teas such as peppermint are grown.

Last year, we had wonderful plans that included talking to new suppliers in Japan and making our way to that magnificent country to seek out a sensual journey of taste, history and new hiking trails. This and other plans will need to wait a little while, as we continue promoting our organic products in NI. This year, we’re planing to offer some new exciting teas and accessories.

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